Atom plugins for front – end developers


I’ve been a huge fan of Sublime Text editor for a long time. Sublime Text is an amazing text editor, but in the recent year, it got no updates. So I decided to try a new text editor. I found that many developers recommends Atom, an open source software developed by GitHub.

Atom Plugins

Emmet – Emmet is my favorite plugin of all the time. Is a powerful tool that helps you write HTML & CSS a lot faster. In case you didn’t used this tool before, I recommend to check their documentation.

Emmet LiveStyle – This an another great plugin. It enables real-time bi-directional editing for CSS, LESS and SCSS. In short, you can change your CSS file from your favorite browser editor.

Can I Use – This plugin let’s you peek into tables. It allows you to find out if all browsers support the technology that you are about to use.

W3c Validation – Validate your HTML and CSS files in Atom using W3c validators.

CSS Unit Converter – Performs conversation between different CSS units.

Remote FTP – If you want a build in FTP/FTPS/SFTP directly in your editor, this plugin is for you. Useful if you work straight on the server or you just want to add something fast.

Color Picker – As the name suggest, you get a color picker to help decide faster what color you are going to use.

SVG Preview – If you use SVG regularly (you should), this tools helps you to visualize them in the editor.

Git Plus – Make commits to your project from your editor.

Bookmarks – Enables bookmarking of code lines. Useful when you work with multiple files and you constantly need to jump between them.

In case you use some good packages, feel free to recommend me some. I’m always looking to improve my work.