Checklist for delivering a WordPress website


Just because you finished a project, it does not mean that your job is over. Before delivering you need to make sure the client does not have a hard time understanding using the website. Those are the last steps I take before I give a project.

Finishing the project

Many professional freelancers will also face tougher or lighter problems with their clients. Before you deliver, the project is important to help your client with their new website.

Check the content
We all do it. We use something like Lorem Ipsum to fill in the website with content. This helps us see how the material will flow but is important to remove it before delivering a website. A new client will not understand why they have Latin on their website.

Explain the theme options and plugins
If you create your custom themes or buy commercial themes, chances are that your WordPress interface will have many options. For someone who is not familiar with WordPress, can be very confusing. If you think your client will be confused, give them a call. This will not only show that you are a professional, but will reduce the phones calls or emails you will get when they need help.

If you use the same theme all the time, you can also make a short video explaining all the plugins and options your theme has.

Simplify the Admin Interface
Depending on the situation, you could make a user with a different user role. Simplifying their interface might help reduce the confusion. In any case, you will need to let your client know about this decision.

Let the customer know about the threats of hacking
Is critical. There are many people out there who uses username: admin and password: password. Teaching them the importance of a strong password will help them securing their online accounts but will also help you. I’ve cleaned a handful of hacked websites and let me tell you, is not fun. While you are on this subject, tell them is also important to keep the theme and plugins up to date.

Get Paid!
I read all the time about freelancers who deliver their work but never get paid. Before you deliver your website, make sure you get your money. Even if you have a signed contract (you should), it will take some time to get your money.

Have any other tips? Let me know about them in the comments.