WordPress Themes: Custom vs. Premium


Many business owners do not understand the difference between a premium WordPress theme and a custom WordPress theme. But why should they? In the following post, I will try to explain the difference between custom and premium themes.

First, let’s define what a WordPress theme is. According to WordPress Codex a theme is:

Fundamentally, the WordPress Theme system is a way to “skin” your weblog. It is more than just a “skin.” Skinning your site implies that only the design changes. WordPress Themes can provide much more control over the look and presentation of the material on your website.

In short, a theme is all the files, styles, graphics and images that work together to create your desired functionality. The theme can be simple or have complex functionality, all depending on your needs.

Premium vs. Custom WordPress themes

Now that we know what a theme is let’s find out what is your best option.

Premium Themes


  • Most premium themes are around $50.00
  • Is easy to buy a theme and be installed on your website in under one hour.


  • The same theme that you bought can be bough by many others. In fact, one of the most popular theme on themeforest has 205354 sales.
  • A premium theme might be easy to install, but it might be harder to setup. Many times those themes are bloated with tons of features that not only might hinder your experience but also reduce your website speed.

Custom Themes


  • A custom design theme will look and match your brand.
  • Will create a user experience that your customers need.
  • Eliminates the plugins and the scripts that your website does not need, increasing the speed of your WordPress website


  • Depending on the designer’s level of experience, the price for a custom theme can be expensive for a small business owner.
  • Building a custom theme can take time.

If you are unsure what to do, it helps to talk with someone who has experience building and maintaining WordPress websites. If you are on a small budget, a premium theme might do it for you. However, investing in your brand and building a custom website can attract customers and increase the efficiency of your internet marketing needs.