Career Organic.

Working with professionals across all levels and industries to expedite their clients' success and growth.

Shopify Development, Migrate to Shopify

About the project.

Career Ogranic was looking to revamp its website with a more consistent and mature visual design, improve overall website performance, and allow customers to subscribe to services. We worked with them to redesign their Shopify e-commerce site to reflect their brand better, to convert visitors to customers, and to perform better overall. 

Unique Problems to Solve.

Targeting Several Audiences

Career Organic website needs to reach multiple audiences, from young professionals to seasoned executives. We needed to identify the benefits of the service for each audience.

Visually Differentiation

Due to multiple audiences, we created unique landing pages for each career level. The pages help customers choose the right product for their level.

Home Page.

The home page features the hero with its mission statement to help its customers simplify their career transition. Right below we have our funnel, which allows customers to quickly navigate to their career-level service page.

Collection Page.

The collection pages can be found via the navigation or through the Career Level section. These pages are set up to highlight key services and social proof of their work. Again creating a user experience that allows for customers to find services that meet their needs.

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