Lutheran Church of the Redeemer.

Building online awareness to reflect an offline reputation.

Web Design, Web Development

About the project.

Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, one of the oldest churches in the Atlanta area, has been at the forefront of community engagement and continues to lead the charge. Lutheran Church of the Redeemer’s passion for its people and the culture surrounding the church was not reflected in their online experience. The website did not support their new brand and how they wanted to speak with their followers or those who wanted to learn more about them. We partnered with the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer to turn their website into an experiential community platform.

What we did.

  • Together with Redeemer’s team, we picked a premium theme that closely matches their vision for the website and gives them the flexibility to continue to grow and improve.
  • Designed and developed custom components that are unique and allow Redeemer’s team to edit and maintain their content.
  • Researched solutions for their event calendar to ensure their community knows what happens next.
  • Provided ongoing Assurance Plan to continue to maintain their website by updating WordPress, plugins, and the custom theme on a monthly basis.
  • Provided training for staff and how to use the website.

Soda Web Media delivered a comprehensive and mobile-friendly product, which allows for a more efficient online event scheduling. There was a notable increase in engagement from members of the organization through the site. The team was accommodating and committed to solving problems that came up.

Michael Adamson, Digital Consultant

Home Page.

Redeemer’s home page highlights information about what they do to help their members and the community. The home page also contains a key call to action such as the donation button, how to join, and future events.

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