Warehouse Toys.

Passionate about sustainability & giving back. We give used toys a new life while helping preserve the environment.

Shopify Development, Shopify Design

About the project.

Warehouse Toys was looking to build a new website to showcase its toy collection. We helped to streamline the process and flow of their website by creating various funnel paths throughout their website in order to get to their various products.

Unique Problems to Solve.

Flexibility to Grow

They needed a website that was flexible enough to grow and change over time as their company would grow and change over time. The company also wanted to find a balance between a fun design while still having the option to grow and change in terms of design layout.

Maintaining Lightning Speed

E-commerce websites tend to have a lot of bloat, and we did not want the conversion rates to suffer because of it. We needed to deliver a dynamic experience but keep page load times bare minimum.

Home Page.

The home page features the hero with toys to showcase their vast collections. Immediately followed by the hero, we have the new arrivals for customers to check what is new in store quickly and if they have any interest in them.

Collection Page.

The collection pages can be found via the navigation or by scrolling down on the home page. These pages are set up to highlight key products and brands. Again, creating a user experience that allows for customers to find products that meet their needs.

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