Shopify’s New One-Page Checkout


shopify's new one page checkout

With Shopify’s significant influence, powering a whopping 10% of e-commerce stores in the USA, it’s no surprise that their new one-page checkout update is causing ripples in the market. Gone are the days of navigating through multiple pages during the checkout process. Shopify unveiled a streamlined one-page checkout in their most recent overhaul, promising speedier transactions and better conversion rates. Let’s delve into what this means for both merchants and consumers and how it measures up to other platforms.

Diving Into Shopify Checkout

At its core, Shopify is a tightly sealed ecosystem, taking care of hosting and ensuring a safe, consistent payment procedure. While minor aesthetic tweaks, like adjusting the logo and color accents, are accessible to all, more in-depth changes have been exclusive to Shopify Plus members through the checkout.liquid file. However, with Shopify phasing out this file, the new tool on the block is Shopify Functions. Still puzzled? Contact us for more clarity.

Why Shopify Checkout Stands Out

Shopify’s assertion isn’t just for show; their Shop Pay feature boasts the title of the globe’s top-performing e-commerce checkout. This accelerated system permits swift log-ins and near-instant payments, keeping tedious confirmations at bay. A recent study involving 10,000 Shopify stores with Shop Pay revealed remarkable results. On average, checkouts via Shop Pay outperformed regular checkouts by 1.72x. This lightning-speed feature is particularly evident on mobile, with a conversion rate of a staggering 1.91x.

Unveiling the One-Page Checkout

Traditionally, Shopify’s checkout encompassed three main stages: gathering personal, shipping, and payment details. However, the Winter 2023 Shopify Editions announcement spotlighted a revamped one-page checkout. Although it’s gradually being introduced throughout 2023, there’s no set schedule for its universal launch. With fewer fields and a singular page design, customers can finalize purchases swiftly, minimizing potential friction.

Catch a glimpse of this game-changer in action at Shopify’s merch store, The checkout remains equipped with rapid options such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and of course, Shop Pay.

Delving into Shopify Functions

With Shopify Functions, developers now have the liberty to mold the backend logic that steers parts of Shopify. First in line are checkout UI extensions. These extensions allow for an enhanced visual and functional checkout experience only available to Shopify Plus merchants.

Discovering Shopify’s Drag-and-Drop Editor

Bidding adieu to the checkout.liquid file, Shopify Plus merchants can now embrace the drag-and-drop editor. This intuitive tool grants freedom over the checkout design, closely mirroring the flexibility of the online store 2.0 themes editor.

Exploring Shopify Checkout Apps

Courtesy of Shopify Functions and checkout extensibility, Shopify Plus merchants can tap into a plethora of checkout apps to amplify their checkout prowess. From nifty upsells to heartfelt gift notes, the possibilities are vast. Dive deep into the offerings at the Shopify Plus App store.

B2B on Shopify? Absolutely!

Tailored to meet the unique demands of wholesale selling, Shopify’s checkout is perfect for B2B enterprises. From special payment terms to varied pricing models, Shopify’s checkout is truly adaptive.

Advantages of Shopify’s One-Page Checkout

  1. Blazing-Fast Checkout: Fewer pages equals quicker load times and conversions.
  2. Skyrocketing Conversion Rates: Diminished cart abandonment and reduced clicks amplify conversion potential.
  3. Swift Completion: Fewer fields mean customers breeze through the checkout.
  4. Elevated User Experience: Seamless purchasing experiences ensure customers return.

Weighing the Downsides

  1. Potential Risk Increase: A simplified checkout might escalate fraudulent activities.
  2. Analytics Limitations: A one-page design might reduce insights into customer behavior during checkout.
  3. Lengthy Page Scrolls: A consolidated page might feel overwhelming.
  4. Diminished Upselling Opportunities: A streamlined process might curtail upselling chances.

Shopify Checkout’s Notable Features

  • Address Autocomplete: Speed up the process with real-time address suggestions.
  • Customization Galore: From basic logo adjustments for all to advanced edits for Shopify Plus members.
  • Diverse Payment Options: From Shop Pay to Google Pay and more.
  • International Flexibility: Cater to global audiences with local currencies, languages, and domain extensions.
  • Pre-orders & Subscriptions: Offer varied sales types.
  • Tipping Capability: Allow customers to tip with ease.
  • Varied Shipping Solutions: Competitive rates, localized options, and in-store pickups.

The Bottom Line

Shopify’s one-page checkout is set to redefine e-commerce transactions. While it packs a punch with its myriad features, it’s pivotal for merchants to recognize that a Shopify Plus membership is indispensable to unlock its full potential.