Lutheran Church of the Redeemer

Building Online Awareness to Reflect an Offline Reputation.

Lutheran Church Of the Redeemer Showcase Homepage


Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, one of the oldest churches in the Atlanta area, has been at the forefront of community engagement and continues to lead the charge. Lutheran Church of the Redeemer’s passion for its people and the culture surrounding the church was not reflected in their online experience. The website did not support their new brand and how they wanted to speak with their followers as well as those who wanted to learn more about them. We partnered with the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer to turn their website into an experiential community platform.


Lutheran Church of the Redeemer needed a solution that represented their brand, reflected the relationships they have in the community and made connecting with the community a seamless process.

They needed a platform that supports their mission to connect with people by showcasing their services, sermons, and the events.


Using WordPress as the CMS of choice, we redesigned their website to include more visual flexibility and empowered church leadership to render text, images, and videos in a variety of ways without sacrificing user experience.


Lutheran Church of the Redeemer’s site architecture now supports a robust event calendar and an online worship experience that allowed them to maintain their community virtually. Lutheran Church of the Redeemer continues to engage with their congregation by providing a great online experience. It is a place to explore what you love.