DigitalOcean with ServerPilot as a hosting solution

Since I start building websites, I’ve been on shared hosting most of the time. The truth is, shared hosting is finite. Trying to improve our website performance was was getting frustrating. This is when I decided to look into a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Why a VPS?

Shared hosting has it’s own benefits. You don’t need to worry about setup, everything is taking care of already. All you need to do is to install your website, connect everything and you are ready to go. The biggest problem I’ve found with shared hosting is that you share resources. This means that your website can go offline for a period of time.

Why I decided to go with DigitalOcean?

As a student, I found that Github is giving away a student developer pack. This includes a $50 platform credit for DigitalOcean. DigitalOcean also provides easy scalability, excellent management panel, and their customer support are amazing.

Another amazing thing about them is you pay for what you use. This means that if you want to experiment something for 1 hour only, you pay for 1 hour. You simply create a Droplet (their name for virtual servers) and do you work. If you mess something up, you can destroy the Droplet and start over.

If you are in a market for a VPS, I recommend DigitalOcean. If you want you can sign up with my recommendation link and we can both get 10$.

What is ServerPilot

In short, ServerPilot is an alternative to cPanel or Plesk. This adds lot’s of convenience when you try to manage websites and databases. Many VPS owners don’t use a control panels for many reasons, it’s expensive, sometimes is out of date and are taking resources from your servers.

ServerPilot takes care of this for you. It’s an optimized solution for hosting PHP websites on cloud servers. It offers a simple interface for managing apps, database and domains. Since it’s runs on it’s own servers, it does not take up resources from yours.

The amazing part about ServerPilot is that is free. Of course there are paid plans for more features, but for most of us, the free plan is just what we need. Use my referral link and you will get $10.

Is not easy, but worth it!

In the end, if you are happy with your current hosting provider, there is no need to move. But if you want to increase your website performance and you are not afraid of experimenting, I encourage you to try a VPS.